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    What Are My Legal Responsibilities as a Landlord?

    Posted on 20th October 2019 by H2 Property Services

    A landlord has a variety of legal responsibilities, and it’s important that both landlord and tenant are aware of these obligations to avoid any misunderstandings or problems during a tenancy.


    In this article, H2 Property Services will look at the legal responsibilities of a landlord and make it clear what is expected of someone in that position.

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    What are the Legal Responsibilities and Obligations for Landlords?

    There are many legal obligations that landlords must follow in the UK. From how the deposit is saved, to gas and electrical safety. See more details below.



    Deposits, for the most part, are crucial to a tenancy; without one, tenants are by and large not allowed to rent a property. Every landlord has a right to charge a deposit, but they are also obliged to follow relevant laws regarding them.

    There’s a maximum amount that can be charged for a deposit, for example, and there’s also an obligation to protect your tenants’ deposit(s) under one of three government-approved deposit protection schemes.


    Gas safety

    Landlords are legally required to have a yearly gas check on their property. This check will result in a Gas Safety Certificate being issued, and any issues that are found will be rectified. The check must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, and a copy of the gas safety check must be provided to the tenant before moving in, or within 28 days of the check taking place.

    We have written in depth about Gas Safety Certificates in this post.


    Electrical safety

    The safety of your property is paramount, and as such there are electrical safety obligations that landlords must fulfill. For HMOs (houses in multiple occupancy), an electrical safety test must be carried out on the property every five years, all electrical fittings and appliances must be safe, and all fittings are required to have a CE mark – this certifies that the product complies with European safety laws.


    Fire safety

    Landlords must ensure that: 

    • Their property has access to escape routes at all times
    • Furniture provided is fire safe
    • Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are fitted in the property
    • Smoke alarms are present on every floor
    • Carbon monoxide detectors are fitted in any room with fuel burning devices

    Regarding the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, it’s crucial that they are tested to ensure they are in safe working order. 


    Energy performance certificate

    Landlords must provide their tenants with a valid energy performance certificate (EPC) – failure to do so means a landlord is not legally able to rent out their property and may be fined £200


    Right to rent

    Landlords are required to confirm that a prospective tenant has a ‘right to rent’ before entering into a tenancy agreement with them. Renting to someone who does not have the right to rent can result in a fine for the landlord of up to £3,000 per tenant or even a prison sentence


    How to rent

    Landlords must give your tenant a copy of the ‘how to rent’ checklist when they begin their tenancy.




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