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    Is a Gas Safety Certificate a Legal Requirement?

    Posted on 30th September 2019 by H2 Property Services

    In this article, H2 Property Services are going to detail whether or not a Gas Safety Certificate is a legal requirement for landlord and tenants alike, providing a clearer understanding of the regulations and obligations surrounding it.

    Gas Engineers


    Do Landlords need a Gas Safety Certificate?

    Landlords have a variety of obligations to their tenants and to the law, and having a yearly gas safety check is a legal requirement. A landlord is only required to arrange the checks for gas appliances they own, as well as pipework, flues and gas meters; tenants are responsible for having their own appliances checked. Usually, a Gas Certificate will involve testing gas boilers, gas cookers/hob and gas fires; part of a Gas Safety Certificates is to inspect the boiler flue and to inspect provisions for carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors.

    The requirement for a landlord to check pipework, gas meters and gas appliances that they own falls under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. When the Gas Safe registered engineer has completed the checks, they will provide the landlord with their Gas Safety Certificate (formerly known as CP12).


    What does a Gas Safety Certificate Show?

    – A description of every appliance they’ve tested

    – Their findings from each test

    – Any safety issues or potential problems identified

    – Works required to ensure the safety of the appliance

    – The engineers details, including their signature

    – The date of the check, and the date of your next check

    – The details of the landlord and the property


    The legal obligation for a gas safety certificate applies to the following:

    – Long term lets of houses, flats and shared residences

    – Anyone who has a friend, relative or lodger paying to stay at their property

    – Student properties, including boarding schools and university halls of residence

    – Those who have live-in staff staying in their property as part of their contract

    Letting a property without a gas safety check is a criminal offence. Copies of Gas Safety Certificates should be kept for a minimum of two years.


    Gas Safe registered engineers

    It’s crucial that your gas safety check is carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. With a large number of unlicensed engineers working in the UK, it is easier than you think to fall victim to a rogue trader, and it can have dire consequences.

    If you have work carried out by an unregistered engineer, the first potential issue is the poor quality of work, and poor quality work can lead to very serious issues when it comes to gas. Gas leaks can have drastic or even fatal consequences, and in the event of property damage due to faulty gas work, for example, you won’t be covered by insurance if the work was carried out by an unlicensed engineer.

    Gas Engineers


    Do Tenants need a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate?

    Gas Safety Certificates must be provided for tenants. Your landlord must provide you with a copy of your property’s Gas Safety certificate within 28 days of a Gas Safety check and importantly, a copy must be given to a tenant before the tenant takes possession of the property.




    H2 Property Services are proud providers of electricians, plumbers and Gas Safe registered engineers for properties anywhere in London. If you need a gas safety certificate, or an electrical safety certificate for your property, contact our team today.

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