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    What are the Traits and Qualities of a Good Plumber?

    Posted on 19th November 2017 by H2 Property Services

    A good plumber must be fully trained, qualified and up to date with the latest in building regulations to be technically competent. However, to truly stand out and excel in the field, a plumber must also demonstrate ‘soft skills’ on a daily basis.

    Ultimately, they have to be a people person. So, whether you are interested in the qualities we look for in our plumbers, or are looking to start an exciting career in this sector, read on to discover what makes a great plumber great.


    Traits And Qualities Of A Good Plumber - H2 Property Services London


    Licensed and Certified

    Firstly, a plumber should be mechanically inclined and have secured the correct qualifications to ply a trade in fixing and installing all kinds of plumbing systems. It takes years of training to gather the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the complexities of various boiler systems, piping layouts and the general physics that regulate the workings of a building’s plumbing.

    Another sign that a particular plumber is of high standing in the industry is if their company is an approved installer for a leading brand or are approved by a register such as WaterSafe.


    People Skills

    A plumber can be technically brilliant, but if they do not possess the right people skills then they won’t do their work or company justice. Companies that have a good reputation acknowledge the fact that a contractor’s interpersonal skills are as important as their ability to do a skilled job and it is no different for plumbers.


    A good plumber should be:

    • A polite and pleasant person to deal with.

    It can be a stressful time if your property is suffering a leak or blockage and a good plumber will always put you at ease with an approachable and kind manner.

    • A good listener to customers and colleagues.

    A plumber must work with others as a team to get most jobs done. It’s also valuable to the customer for their concerns to be heard and responded to appropriately.

    • A clear communicator.

    This is helpful when explaining estimates and discussing problems with homeowners and colleagues. Where possible, technical jargon should always be explained in simple language so that both the plumber and customer understand the problem to be solved, whether that’s for repairs or installations.



    Plumbing Services from H2 Property Services

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