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    What are the Traits and Qualities of a Good Electrician?

    Posted on 19th January 2018 by H2 Property Services

    When you trust an electrician to carry out repairs and maintenance in your home, there are more qualities to look for than simply a relevant qualification.

    Of course, being properly trained is important but an electrician must be a people person too. Ideally someone who is able to do their job with a smile and a friendly attitude. This month, we’re taking a look at the ideal qualities that every electrician should have.


    Interpersonal Skills


    Active listening

    • Active listening is a trait that is valuable to customers and colleagues alike. Being silent while others are speaking is difficult to master for some and it is a great quality in an electrician as they must take all concerns into account before undertaking a job.

    Clear communication

    • Clear communication will ensure that most slip ups are avoided and that a customer is always understanding of what work is being carried out, where and how much it is likely to cost. It’s another way of maintaining honesty in a transaction and must be a noticeable strength in every contractor.

    Observation skills

    • Observation skills are clearly necessary for safety reasons but on an interpersonal level, an electrician needs to understand how individuals will react to certain situations, especially if the news is not good. A healthy understanding of empathy is essential here, too!


    Character Traits



    • Dependability is the most important trait that an electrician should have. When given a job to do, it is the electrician’s responsibility to get it done right, on time and to a reasonable budget.


    • Honesty ensures that an electrician is an asset to their industry and will promote a good customer and contractor relationship.

    Patience and a calm manner

    • Patience and a calm manner is a great reassurance to a customer if a job has not gone as well as planned. Sometimes electrical issues can be worse than first thought and though a good electrician will anticipate this and warn the customer, it isn’t always easy to deliver bad news. Being patient, calm and matter of fact will keep a customer calm in these situations.
    Traits And Qualities Of A Good Electrician - H2 Property Services


    Fully Trained and Experienced


    Regulation Knowledge

    • A comprehensive knowledge of electrical regulations means that an electrician has studied electrical engineering and puts his/her knowledge into practice in order to guarantee your building’s electrical systems and wiring are safe and reliable.

    Health and Safety Awareness

    • Health and safety conscious electricians always put the safety of building occupants and themselves first. This means turning off electrical supplies regularly before carrying out maintenance and installations, as well as having an understanding of building regulations that are designed to enhance safety.

    Licensed Electrician

    • Licensed and certified electricians have been accredited by institutions that are dedicated to maintaining high standards in their industry. If an electrician works as part of a larger company, then the company should ensure each employee is up to date with the relevant qualifications and training.


    Has a Great Reputation

    Recommendations, either from an online review aggregate website, or a trusted friend, are proof that others have had a great experience using a particular electrician.



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