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    How to Save Money on Your Heating Bills this Winter

    Posted on 20th January 2022 by H2 Property Services

    Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the coldest. Heating bills tend to skyrocket around Christmas, which is not ideal when you’re already splashing the cash on gifts for your friends and family. A staggering £9.72 million is spent every day heating homes across the UK in December.

    Give yourself the gift of a low heating bill this Christmas. Follow our tips for a warm but inexpensive holiday season.

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    Calculator, home and scarf representing how to save money on winter heating

    Turn the heating on only when needed

    During December, the average homeowner has their heating on for 5 hours and 58 minutes each day. For most people, this number can be reduced.

    There’s no need to go cold turkey this Christmas. Don’t avoid putting the heating on altogether, just be mindful of when you actually need it.

    You won’t need the heating on if you’re out all day; you can set a timer to turn it back on shortly before you return.

    And don’t be fooled by the myth that keeping your heating on low all day is better than switching it on and off when needed. The truth is that you will typically rack up a higher bill if you keep your heating on constantly, even if it is running at a lower temperature.


    Don’t turn the temperature all the way up

    While we recommend only turning on your heating when needed, you should still consider exactly how warm you need it to be. Keeping your heating at a lower temperature will save you money. Play around with the thermostat to determine the optimum temperature for you and your home.


    Keep radiators clear

    There’s little use in heating your radiator if the heat can’t, well, radiate. Your radiator needs to be clear for heat to radiate around the room. If you have sofas or cabinets pushed right up against the radiator, pull them away or rearrange the room to make sure the radiator is clear. 


    Make sure your boiler and central heating systems are running efficiently

    Many homeowners are unaware that problems with their boiler may be racking up considerable heating bills. If your boiler or central heating system suffers a fault, it might start running inefficiently. We highly recommend getting your boiler and central heating system assessed by a professional in time for winter. This investment will give you the peace of mind that everything is running as it should. Not only will you be confident that your energy bills won’t be sky-high, but you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be left in the cold this Christmas.


    H2 Property Services is composed of various engineers, including boiler engineers and central heating engineers, who are dedicated to keeping your home or business running as it should. Our experts provide a comprehensive range of services, including assessing your boiler, making any repairs or even replacing it altogether. Serving customers throughout London, we’ll make sure your Christmas is one to remember — for all the right reasons. 

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