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    Is a HomeBuyer Report the Same as a Building Survey?

    Posted on 2nd April 2022 by H2 Property Services

    Obtaining a report or survey is a crucial part of buying a property. These inspections identify any issues with the property, giving the buyer full transparency of any works that may be required further down the line.

    It is a common misconception that a HomeBuyer Report and a Building Survey are different names for the same thing. On the contrary, the two have different purposes and include different services. If you are interested in getting a property inspected, you’ll want to ensure you choose the right service for your needs.

    In this article, we explain the differences between a HomeBuyer Report and a Building Survey.

    What is a HomeBuyer Report?

    The HomeBuyer Report is an inspection of a property designed to provide an overall opinion of its condition. Unlike a Building Survey, a Homebuyer Report also includes a valuation and reinstatement cost figure.

    A HomeBuyer Report is generally commissioned by the buyer to give them confidence in the home’s valuation. The report lists any issues that might affect the value of the property, as well as anything that doesn’t meet current building regulations.

    The HomeBuyer Report uses a simple ‘traffic light’ system. The surveyor will give each area of the property a red, amber or green rating:

    • Red — Further action is required
    • Amber — Further action may be required
    • Green — No action required

    What is a Building Survey?

    A Building Survey also details the condition of the property and identifies any issues that may require attention. A Building Survey is more in depth than a HomeBuyer Report and does not include a valuation.

    A HomeBuyer Report is usually sufficient for most properties, but a Building Survey can be useful for particularly old or unorthodox buildings. The Building Survey goes into considerable detail and will focus on elements such as structural integrity.

    The Building Survey does more than just evaluate the condition of a home, it also provides detailed advice on maintenance, including how to remedy each defect as identified. Estimated costs of any repairs are also included.

    What are the differences between a HomeBuyer Report and a Building Survey?

    The key differences to keep in mind are as follows:

    • Both offer an evaluation of the condition of the property, but the Building Survey goes into greater depth.
    • The HomeBuyer Report provides a valuation of the property whereas a Building Survey does not.
    • The Building Survey offers detailed advice on how to fix identified issues, whereas the HomeBuyer Report displays the results in a simple traffic light system indicating whether or not action is required.

    Should I get a HomeBuyer Report or a Building Survey?

    We recommend getting a HomeBuyer Report for properties that:

    • Were built within the last 100 years
    • Are of more conventional design
    • Are constructed with traditional building materials
    • Appear in reasonable condition

    We recommend getting a Building Survey for properties that:

    • Were built earlier than 100 years ago
    • Have undergone major alterations
    • Are of unconventional design
    • Are constructed with non-traditional building materials
    • You plan to significantly alter in the future

    What should I do once I have the results?

    Once you have all the results of your report or survey, it’s important you address any significant issues by contacting reputable tradesmen. If you have multiple issues spanning multiple areas of the home, you may want to seek out a comprehensive home repairs company that can provide expert help across the home.

    Operating throughout London since 2004, H2 Property Services provides experts for every need. Our local plumbers, electricians, Gas Safe engineers, drainage experts and central heating engineers are all experts in their respective fields.

    Our team will ensure any and all issues are resolved, and we even offer one-off emergency call-outs should anything happen to the property that requires immediate attention.

    With H2 Property Services, you can feel confident that your newly acquired home will stay safe and in good condition all year round.

    Contact our team today to find out how we can help you – give us a call on 020 7751 3344!