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    UK Gas Boiler Ban: All You Need to Know

    Posted on 29th July 2021 by H2 Property Services

    The government has committed to making the UK a carbon-neutral state by 2050. It’s an ambitious target, and it hasn’t been without its sceptics, but the government has remained steadfast in its goal for a sustainable future. One of their most significant — and contentious — plans is to ban the installation of new gas boilers in all UK homes by 2025.

    In this article, the H2 Property Services team provides an in-depth look into the government’s bold new proposals. Discover what it’s all about and how it might affect you and your boiler.

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    What is the UK gas boiler ban?

    Under the new government proposals, all homes built after 2025 will be required to use a carbon-zero alternative to a gas boiler. Homeowners won’t be required to replace their existing gas boiler, but they will be incentivised to install a low-carbon heating system such as a heat pump.

    From the mid-2030s, homeowners will be banned from getting a new gas boiler should their existing boiler need replacing. They must instead switch to a low-carbon alternative.


    Are gas boilers bad for the environment?

    A gas system works by burning fossil fuels to heat your home. This process produces by-products, including carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, which are released into the atmosphere. Carbon emissions are a significant contributor to climate change. Experts warn that if temperatures continue to rise, the damage it could do to our environment will be irreversible.


    Why is it important to ban gas boilers?

    Heating is the largest single source of carbon emissions in the UK, making up over a third of the total. Of the total energy used for heating in buildings, 78% comes from gas heating, whereas only 12% comes from electric heating. The percentage of gas energy used for heating in the UK is one of the highest in the west, eclipsing the US, France and Germany.


    What are the greener alternatives to gas boilers?

    If gas boilers are to be phased out, what will replace them? The most likely candidates right now are hydrogen-ready boilers and heat-pump systems.


    Hydrogen-ready Boilers

    Hydrogen-ready boilers burn hydrogen to produce fuel. The only by-product is water, meaning they can heat the home without producing carbon emissions. Some manufacturers are working on boilers that run on a 100% fuel supply, but most hydrogen-ready boilers will use a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas.

    Even a 20% hydrogen mix in a boiler would dramatically reduce carbon emissions. However, it is not a silver bullet.

    There are many challenges to switching from a gas system to a hydrogen system. For one, the network of pipes that supplies gas is made of metal. This would need to be protected from embrittlement if any switch to hydrogen was to take place.


    Heat pumps

    Heat pumps offer similar heating potential to gas boilers, except they’re powered by low-carbon electricity. They work by extracting heat from the air or ground and increasing its temperature. The government estimates that using heat pumps would see a 90% reduction in lifetime carbon emissions.

    It sounds like an ideal solution, but the main issue right now is the cost. The installation of a heat pump in a medium-size home ranges from between £8,000 to £14,000. The government hopes that advances in technology will reduce costs within the next 15 years.


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