A gas leak in your property can lead to seriously dangerous circumstances, including fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas leaks can be caused by poorly fitted or faulty appliances, so gas leak detection and repair are some of the most important services we provide here at H2 Property Services.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers work meticulously and safely at all times, and are fully qualified to provide gas leak detection services throughout the London area.

We also carry out repairs and servicing on gas cookers, appliances and fires, installing carbon monoxide testers and alarms where necessary.

For maximum safety, our Gas Safe engineers will advise on the maintenance of all gas appliances in your property, as well as assisting you with gas safety awareness so you can be more aware of potential gas leaks in the future.

Your safety is our primary concern when it comes to detecting, preventing and repairing gas leaks, and you can rely on our friendly team of local Gas Safe engineers to provide a comprehensive service at all times.

For more information on all of our gas leak services throughout London, feel free to get in touch with us today.